UncategorizedBarneys Blues Pilsner (440ml)


When Barney Barnato arrived in Kimberley in 1873, the diamond industry was all but stagnant. The general view was that only the soft yellow soil in the area held diamonds. But Barney believed that the biggest diamonds were yet to be found in the hard, deep blue ground’. Gambling all his capital on his conviction, Barney bought four claims and worked the difficult blue ground with very poor results.

But then he started to haul buckets of large diamonds. Legend has that one day, in one hour, Barney unearthed 30 diamonds! He became stinking rich before the year was out.

This gem of a pilsener is inspired by Barney’s belief that dreams can come true if you stand by your conviction. Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast